Practice Areas


Clients hire us to advise them on challenges related to energy, climate change, sustainable fuels, EPA regulation and market-based solutions.  We help our clients build coalitions that lead to more effective engagement with policymakers and government as well as civil society and environmental NGOs.  In doing so, we work within a broad network of contacts which we have built since John Schmitz helped formulate the U.S. Clean Air Act amendments of 1990 as Deputy White House Counsel.  Our goal is to help clients maximize business opportunities by actively shaping the policy environment in which they operate as well as to help them strategically adapt their business models to existing or potential international and domestic regulation.  Clients include GE, Enel and Edison Mission. 

Chemicals/Consumer Products

Manufacturers and trade association have hired us to advise them on the regulation of chemicals and consumer products in the US and in Europe.  Working with third-party stakeholders such as moderate environmental NGOs and scientific experts, we help companies build coalitions that advocate for pragmatic solutions to environmental, health and consumer protection challenges.  Notable clients include BASF, DuPont, the American Farm Bureau Federation and Monsanto. 


We have advised clients on both sides of the Atlantic on US, EU-level and German regulations affecting innovative research-based pharmaceutical companies especially in the areas of reimbursement and intellectual property protection. We have worked extensively with US and European experts on health and innovation to shape domestic and international policy and to encourage transatlantic cooperation with respect to health policy issues.  Clients include Pfizer, Eli Lilly and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


Airlines and aerospace manufacturers have hired us to advise them on complex international and domestic issues, ranging from Open Skies negotiations and DOT regulations to international environmental negotiations.  We represented a large airline during the negotiations for the First US-German Open Skies Agreement.  Signed in 1996 by President Clinton and Chancellor Kohl, the agreement liberalized air service between the US and Germany and laid the foundation for the existing US-EU Open Skies Agreement.  We also successfully obtained DOT approval for operating rights under a bilateral air service agreement.  In addition, we provide strategic advice on international environmental issues such as climate change, ICAO regulations and sustainable jet fuels.  Clients include Lufthansa, US Airways and Airbus.


We have advised leading U.S. and European media, telecommunications and high-tech companies on strategic intellectual property questions, with a special focus on digital content. Clients have also hired us in antitrust cases to develop third-party allies and build coalitions of interested stakeholders to influence the outcome of government investigations. In 2009, we co-founded with leading publishing houses the Transatlantic Digital Media Forum, which brought together European and American media and news organizations to develop strategies to address the challenges of online content distribution.  Our experience also includes advocating for litigation and regulatory reform, as well as work on international transactions and licensing issues. Notable clients include Microsoft, AT&T, NBC, Bertelsmann and Axel-Springer. 


We advise clients confidentially on antitrust investigations both in the United States and in Europe. John Schmitz served in 1981/82 in the Reagan Administration Antitrust Division, working for William Baxter on developing new merger guidelines and other groundbreaking policy initiatives, incorporating large-scale use of economic analysis into all aspects of antitrust law.